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Fire rainbow in Barcelona

rainbow of fire in Barcelona, arcoiris de fuego Barcelona
Rainbow of fire in Gavà (Barcelona) Photo: X. Cabo

17-03-2021 – This week a rainbow of fire was seen in Barcelona. A reader of The Vanguard he took the photo in Gavà and it was published in the newspaper.

A fire rainbow is not shaped like a bow. It is called that because you can see the colors but its official name is circumhorizontal arch because it is parallel to the ground and (in toria) has the shape of an arch. It is, therefore, an arch that is made above us but does not touch the ground.

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We don't see a bow because it occurs in the clouds when the sun is overhead. Therefore, we only see the part where there is cloud.

The great difficulty in seeing these arcs is that the clouds must be very cold and low (cirrus clouds). In addition, the sun must be above the clouds, it must be very high and we must be located at a specific point.

Because of all this it is very difficult to see one of these arches. Seeing a fire arc in Barcelona and Catalonia in general is truly exceptional.

we explain here the conditions to see one of these arches and why it is not normal to see it in Barcelona.

In other parts of the world such as South America they are more common but in Catalonia it is exceptional and that is why it is news.

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