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The rainbow shop

You are welcome to the rainbow store where you will find everything in the colors of the rainbow.

Shop products in your favorite rainbow colors

In the rainbow shop you have a lot of products with the colors of the most mysterious rainbow at one click.

The seven colors of the rainbow symbolize peace, love, tolerance, harmony and the fascination of childhood. The rainbow is for everyone, young and old can wear it.

The colors of the rainbow give joy and at the same time relax because it is a positive symbol. They are children's favorite colors. For adults it's like returning to childhood.

We all like rainbows. If we have the privilege of seeing one we will be amazed like a child.

Here you can find out everything about the rainbow

You are in where you will find everything about the rainbow. you can learn how is it formed, because it's called that or what types are there.

For 300 years we have known why it comes from the researches of Descartes, but before (and after) it had been a mystery. That's why men invented legends to explain what it was that they saw in the sky.

The men did not understand because sometimes it was seen and sometimes not. No one knows when and where it will be seen, but by observing it they drew conclusions: they knew what the weather would be like.

Weather forecasting has created sayings and phrases made about the rainbow. In Catalan we have a handful and the most curious thing is that they are different in the Balearic Islands because the weather is different from that of the Peninsula.

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Rainbow news

News about the rainbow

Introducing the rainbow news section. We would like to follow all the news about the colorful rainbow that we like so much.

Here we monitor all the information about rainbows. We are interested in both the explanations of science and the uses of colors that are made of it.

If you want, you can participate by notifying us of the appearance of a rainbow: we like the ones that are made in the sky but also the cartoon ones that want to convey positive ideas.

Send it to us and we'll put it up as soon as possible for everyone to enjoy. You can do it through the form.

In addition, we invite you to leave us your email to notify you every time there is something new. You can do it easily with the contact form you will find below.

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