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From time to time there is news about the rainbow. Sometimes when one is seen the media will report it. Here we will notify you every time it is published that one has been seen.

If you want to receive notices in your email, you can leave your contact information in the subscription form. You will find it at the end of each page.

We are also interested in scientific news related to rainbows. Not everything has been said on the subject yet and there are doubts. Notice that the rainbow of fire it was defined in 2006….four days ago!

Also the rainbows at night are quite new. They had always heard about it but it wasn't until we all had a camera in our pocket that we could explain it to them properly.

We like and fascinate rainbows. It doesn't matter if we are big or small, but if we see one we never get tired of looking at it. We like to see the colors, debate whether there are three, five or seven.

No one is indifferent when they see one because they think it is a sign, that it has come out to tell us that everything will be fine. With Rainbow News we want to share with you rainbow sightings around the world.

Have you seen any? we would really like you to share it with us. We like them all here: the singles, the doubles, the night ones, the red ones or the fiery ones. Maybe we'll even discover a new one!

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