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The Rainbow

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🌈 What is a rainbow?

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon consisting of a rainbow-shaped band of colors in the sky.

It has always impressed humanity with its beauty and mystery.

No one can predict when and where a rainbow will be seen. It can appear anywhere in the world, day or night at night. It may even be double, white or red!

And the best of all is that we can do it at home!

🌈How a rainbow is formed

We don't know when or where it will come out, but science tells us how is it formed. It is needed:

  • A curtain of water (from rain or a waterfall)
  • Small drops (less than 0.5mm)
  • Let there be no low clouds covering it
  • The sun (or the moon) at a low point but above us
  • That the observer is at a specific point

The conditions are so precise that the most normal thing is not to see one in a lifetime.

We know him more from photographs than from seeing him live. The men of old only knew it from the drawings and from the stories told by the privileged who had seen one.

waterfall rainbow
Photo of Sorasak a Unsplash

When the rays of light hit the water, part of the light bounces in all directions and another passes through it. When the drops are small, part of the light bounces at an angle of 42º and the colors are broken down: they are the colors of the rainbow.

🌈 The colors of the rainbow

It is always said that the rainbow has seven colors: red, orange, Yellow, green, cyan, blue i Violet.

It is not at all clear what the last three colors are called. Seconds this song from El pot petit they are blue, purple and violet. According to wikipedia they are called blue, Indian and purple. The wikipedia in Spanish says “cyan, azul and violet” and in English “blue, indigo and violet”. And a speaker might say that there is light blue, dark blue, and violet.

Newton already said that if we look closely we only see five clearly (red, yellow, green, blue and violet). But he decided there were seven for philosophical reasons and we have believed it.

In the West, we say they are seven by tradition but other places in the world say they are between three and nine. It all depends on how many colors each language can distinguish and what kind of rainbow has been seen by the person explaining it to others.

In reality, it is neither five, nor seven, nor nine. Science says they are infinite, but they are not all there! Where is the brown, gray or pink?

🌈Who discovered the rainbow?

Men have always seen rainbows and wanted to find explanations for them. Persian and Arab astronomers already explained that the arc appears due to the deviation of sunlight (refraction) when it hits water droplets.

Rainbow shop

Until the 17th century in Europe we did not have the scientific theory of Descartes to explain because rainbows are formed. After, Newton he reaffirmed it and explained the scattering of light into the visible colors of the rainbow.

Image: congerdesign on Pixabay

They have made up many stories on the phenomenon for centuries. They have said that it is a bridge to a better world, that there are treasures at the ends, that it is a sign from the gods to warn that they are no longer angry, that it is the path of warriors or that it is the god of rain.

The most original of all is the Balearic legend that explains that you change gender if you pass below.

🌈The weather forecast

There's a good bunch of phrases about the weather it will be when you see one. And it is that rainbows predict whether it will rain or not. Science has proven the farmers' observations to be true.

Although they can announce rain, the prevailing idea is that it is a sign to announce that the worst is over (the storm) and that the good weather is coming back.

drawing coronavirus arc sant marti everything will be fine
Rainbow on a balcony

🌈Where do you see more rainbows?

Any place is good to see a rainbow. Only the right conditions have to be given.

However, there is a very special land where if you go there you are almost certain to see a colorful rainbow in the sky. And if you don't see it in the sky you will see it drawn everywhere. This place is Hawaii i American scientists have given the explanation.

You see so many, so often and so intense that it can be considered the capital of the rainbow. There, scientists are working to try to create a system to predict when one will be seen. Science hasn't figured it out yet but the locals have their own way of knowing when and where you can see one.

The rainbow in Hawaii is so important that it is part of the island's popular culture. Popular culture, folklore and language are permeated by the rainbow. They love it so much that they have it everywhere and it is a tourist attraction that identifies the island. They even have them on car license plates!

Car registration arc de sant marti
Car from Hawaii (photo: Flickr)

🌈Rainbow or rainbow

Men name what they see and do not change it without reason. Colorful rainbows in the sky can be seen anywhere in the world. Therefore, all languages are called in some way.

Most speakers call it "rainbow", "rainbow", "lightningbow", "colorbow" and similar formulas. Les llengües que es surten de la norma són el català, el castellà, el portuguès i l'occità: it is rare to call it "iris", "arc iris" or "arcoiris".

Popular Catalan has gone one step further and calls it "de Sant Martí", but why is it called that?? find out too the legendary life of Sant Martí, quite a character from the beginnings of Christianity in Europe. It was so important that it has remained in Catalonia the name of the rainbow, the summer of Sant Martí or the expression "every pig gets his Sant Martí".

🌈The rainbow is a positive symbol

In the West, the idea is that a rainbow heralds something good. It is associated with joy and positive change.

That it tends to come out after the storm has been linked to the announcement that calm returns, normality and harmony. It is a sign that delights and fascinates everyone who sees it, whether young or old.

Rainbow shop

In other cultures such as Asians it is not like that. In China or Vietnam it is related to bad political changes. For Native Americans he is the god of rain and must be appeased so that he does not cause destruction.

🌈The values of the colors of the rainbow

Some Western human groups have adopted the colors of the rainbow as a symbol of their values.

They have used it to claim labor movements, the rights of homosexuals or ask for world peace. The indigenous people of Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador have adopted it in their flags but because it represents the god of rain.

It is even the official flag of the city of Cusco (Peru) and the state of Permambuco (Brazil)

In recent years the colors of the rainbow have become a merchandising claim and we find it printed on all kinds of products.

Rainbow colors are very appealing to children because they represent a pleasant, mysterious phenomenon that brings security and well-being. The trade alliance with the unicorns has gone very well and we can find them everywhere.

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🌈You can make your own rainbow

We propose you experiments to make a rainbow at home. Sometimes, without intending to, the colors of the rainbow appear in the water of a hose, in a glass or in the reflection of a mirror.

These sporadic rainbows can be played by you to work with and see how it works.

We even suggest making a liquid rainbow with which you can work on the different densities of liquids. And you can do something as cool as this:

liquid rainbow experiment

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🌈News of the rainbow

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