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The place in the world where you see the most rainbows

Car license plate rainbow in Hawaii, the place where you see the most rainbows
Car from Hawaii (photo: Flickr)

There is a land where the rainbow is a cultural phenomenon and part of its identity. And it's no coincidence. This happens because it is the place in the world where you see the most rainbows.

This place is Hawaii. Rainbows are seen very often in the skies of Hawaii and this has had an effect on the local culture. In Hawaii it is common to see it on company logos, sports teams and car license plates. It appears constantly in Hawaiian legends, songs and mythology.

Its inhabitants and visitors have turned the rainbow into a tourist attraction. It appears everywhere as a symbol that identifies the island as a quiet, pleasant and relaxing place.

They say American meteorologists in his newsletter that the meteorology and orography of the island explains that it is the place where you can see the rainbow the most. And not only is it seen many times but, in addition, they are of more intense colors and can last for hours. phenomenon

And why is Hawaii the place in the world where you see the most rainbows?

Beyond popular culture and the esteem that its inhabitants have for it, there is a scientific reason that explains the prevalence of the rainbow in Hawaii.

Hawaii is located at latitude 20º in what is known as the subtropical region. This means they have low sun most of the year and northeasterly winds most days. The consequence is that they have a very clear sky most days because the sun passes below the clouds.

Hawaii is where you see the most rainbows.
Rainbow in Hawaii (Photo: Flickr)

Being a tropical region, rains are common because the sun heats the sea and generates rain. So there is a constant cycle of sea warming, rain and wind that clears the sky. That's why every time it rains, the most normal thing is to see a rainbow.

The most helpful factor is the mountainous nature of the Hawaiian Islands. The mountains cause the rain clouds to rise and the water to fall in the higher parts. This means that the lower parts of Hawaii (the coast) don't get much rain because the clouds are higher and the sun is lower.

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When the sun is lower and the sky is clear (as it almost always is) the perfect setting for viewing rainbows occurs in a curtain of water that doesn't hit the ground.

The funny thing about Hawaii is that the arches can last for hours because the clouds stay locked at high altitudes for a long time while gently discharging water.

Go bow hunting in Hawaii

If you are passionate about rainbows you must go to Hawaii. You can easily find them if you climb a mountain a little. Local guides have developed the intuition to know where one can be seen.

There are excellent locations where a rainbow is almost certain to be seen. There is such interest that local authorities are working on a mobile app that can alert you to where the next rainbow will be seen based on the time, location, angle of the sun and the position of the clouds.

American meteorologists have found that the place in the world where you see the most rainbows is perfect for describing them and finding an explanation for them.

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